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Gyotaku fish rubbings show amazing detail - it's not just a picture of a fish, it's the exact impression of a specific fish. Gyotaku fish art is more convenient to display than a mounted fish but still shows detailed and accurate proof of a trophy catch. Fish rubbings make great gifts for anyone that loves art from nature. There is a story behind every Gyotaku - sometimes a great day, sometimes a once in a lifetime accomplishment.

What is Gyotaku?

Gyotaku basically means 'fish rubbing' in Japanese. The fish prints (commonly called fish rubbings) are the EXACT mirror image of one side of the fish, each characteristic of the fish is recorded - every scale and fin's reflection is transferred to the rice paper.

The most popular form of Gyotaku fish art is called the direct method. The fish print is created by rubbing a piece paper on the side of an inked fish. The fish eye is painted by hand after the rubbing is made to image motion, life and personality. I hand color many of my monotone rubbings but also do rubbings using colored ink. Monotone rubbings - black ink on white paper show the best detail and have a more traditional look.

"Only a few quality Gyotaku fish prints can be made from each fish and all rubbings are unique."

Original Gyotaku Fish Rubbings
Original Art

I keep an inventory of unique original Gyotaku fish rubbings from fish I've caught and printed for friends and customers. Click here for Original Gyotaku art.

Giclee Prints

In addition to my original Gyotaku I also have a number of signed, limited-edition giclee' prints available for purchase online and in galleries. Click here.

T-Shirts & Merchandise

I make most of my Gyotaku rubbings available on a variety of merchandise like Shirts, Hats and Stickers through Cafepress and Fine Art America.

Trophy Rubbings

If you live within driving distance of Suffolk Virginia you can have me do a Gyotaku fish print from any trophy fish you've caught. Contact me.